There are a lot of fitness motivator apps in the market and everyone of them uses one form of motivator or the other, but not all of them are successful as the motivators are usually not tangible. When people don't have something tangible to achieve, the motivator loses its purpose and the app is not a success. We decided to provide people with a motivator that is very tangible - Money.
Run 4 your money has two components - the pebble and a smartphone. Using the mobile, anyone can create a race, set a goal, set the bet (using Venmo integration) and friends across the world can pay the amount and join the race. The money they pay is kept in a common pool and it is released to the winner after the race. The pebble component of the app tracks the users' movements and in the end, the winner takes it all.

Project Details

Hackathon: Boilermake - Fall'14

Duration: 36 hours

Role: UX and Visual Designer


Jimin Zheng
Michael Richardson


We began by brainstorming ideas for an app that could use the pebble. We chose to design a fitness motivation app and based on the competitive analysis we did, we found out that most of them use some form of motivator but all of them were intangible. So we decided to provide a tangible motivator, money. We then sketched out the mobile and pebble screens, created high fidelity mockups and working prorotype for the pebble watch.

Project outcome

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