As a part of the User Centered Research and Evaluation (UCRE) course, we were asked to research how students of a particular class work in labs. We were to evaluate the current process, find breakdowns if there were any and suggest a solution.

Project Details

Course: UCRE

Duration: 1 month

Role: UX Researcher


Swati Jarial
Ron Kim
Mishq Laliwala
Matthew BolaƱos
Shivani Jain


We started off with visiting the lab and doing Contextual Inquiries with the students and the TAs. We scheduled the visits so that we could cover all of the possible lab timings. Once we had gathered the data we wanted, we did an affinity diagram to synthesize the data.

Flow &  Sequence Consolidation

To identify the breakdowns in the process, we did flow and sequence diagrams for all the Contextual Inquiries we did. Then we consolidated them into a single diagram with the breakdowns that we identified.

Project outcome

Using the comprehensive research we did, we came up with Line up - an online scheduling system aimed at reducing the wait time to access TA's help and helping TAs manage their lab time better.

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