Kushi is a mobile application that lets users discover and learn about other cultures. It is not a social networking application but one that promotes happiness through learning. Users can send challenges to or receive them from anyone across the globe. Challenges are in the form of pictures or videos or shoutouts and completing challenges usually involves teaching or learning something about the other culture. For ex, a user from Japan can show a Mexican what a 'Bento' looks like, or a Chinese user can listen to a Peruvian "Happy Birthday" song sung by a Peruvian. Each challenge is unique and exciting. Completing challenges will net users badges according to their accomplishment.

Project Details

Hackathon: Happiness hackathon

Duration: 1 week

Role: UX Designer


Juan Corzo
Saba Kazi
Eric Yi
Rosina Rodriguez
Mingrui Zhnang



Kushi is an app that promotes learning by interacting with people from other culture.We began by performing a competitive analysis of other apps and web services that are similar. We found out that almost all of them had tied social media into their flow in one way or the other. Since the funciton of the app is meant to be a stress buster that allows users to get back to their work after a short break, we decided to do away with social media functions. We then worked on the Information Architecture of the app followed by UI sketches and the final prototype.

Why Kushi?

Kushi is the personification of the app. Instead of interacting with an app, the users will interact through Kushi, who will walk the users through the tutorial, alert the users if they have a notification or, if the users are inactive for a long time, suggest some activities for them. Interacting with a character creates a more intimate interaction for the user. Kushi's appearance and her language reflect the meaning of the word Kushi which is, 'Happiness'.

Project outcome

Happiness... consists in giving, and in serving others.

Henry Drummond

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