Outdoor enthusiasts who travel alone always run the risk of being injured and not being able to get help. Guardian is a mobile app that can prevent serious injuries or fatalities because of delayed help.

Project Details

Hackathon: Hack NC - 1st Place

Duration: 24 hours

Role: UX Designer


Juan Corzo
Elizabeth Wagstaff
Rosina Rodriguez


Since the hackathon duration was just 24 hours, we had to work fast. Once we brainstormed the idea, we did a quick competitive analysis and proceeded with Ideation, Wireframing and Prototyping


Guardian measeures the impact of fall and determines the severity based on the activity. It will then sound the alarm and turn the flash on to get the user's attention. If there is no response for a pre-determined time-limit, then it automatically dials 911 and sends a message with the user's location to their friends and family.

If the user goes out of coverage area, the app keeps track of their last known location and in case of an accident, the user can use the app's offline first aid database to stay safe till help arrives.

The app has preset activities that the user can choose to use, or define their own activity and set their difficulty level.

Project outcome

Guardian won the first place in the hackathon

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